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Chats Phonecard
Click Too Phonecard
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Day to Day
Diamond Calling Card
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Easy Calling
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Global Call
Golden Banana
Hello Darling
Hello World Phone Card
Home Phone Card
India Call Phone Card
Lime Blue
Mabuhay Pinoy
Marathon Phonecard
Mates Rates
Mega Minutes
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Welcome to Phone Card Star

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All phone cards on this website do NOT have maintenance fees & disconnection fees.

Orders are processed within 24 hours 7 DAYS a Week, 365 Days a Year (most phonecard PINs are emailed to you INSTANTLY so you can start calling immediately!)

Buy phone cards online and SAVE!

Prepaid phone cards are the cheapest way to call overseas, interstate or mobiles in Australia. By using a cheap prepaid phone card to call overseas you will save up to 90% on your phone bill. It is estimated that in Australia more calls are made overseas with phone cards then any other method. This is because phone card companies can buy bulk minutes from the large carriers like Telstra, Optus and AAPT at a fraction of a price that you can buy from those the major carrier. So by using a phone card to make calls you end up with the same line quality and reliability at a fraction of the price that you currently pay with your telecom service provider.

Which Phone Card Should I Buy?

To assist you to find the best card we provide a free service to compare the rates of high quality phone cards that we have tested so that you can decide which phone card is most suitable for you. We are the only online phone card store that carry $5 phone cards so you only need to invest a small amount to test the quality and reliability of the calling cards that we sell.

To use our free selection service, you will find a rate finder (orange box) on the left and side of this page. Simply click on the arrow on the right hand side of the drop down menu, select the destination that you would like to call and click on the search button, a list of rates will appear.

How do I buy the phone cards?

Phone cards can be purchased by direct deposit, cheque, money order or credit card through this website or by calling 1800 671 823.

Why buy phone cards online from us?

  • Live telephone customer service, 7 Days a week (most online phone card companies do not even provide you with a customer service phone number).
  • Large selection of high quality cards. We do NOT stock cards that offer poor quality or have hidden charges so that you can buy with assurance.
  • Simple and convenient. Choose your Telephone Card, pay with your credit card and receive your serial number and PIN by email.
  • We set up an account for you for free so that you can always review your history of past orders.
  • We are a well established all Australian company that has been in business for nearly 5 years (check our ABN below).
  • Thousands of happy and satisfied customers.
  • Safe and secure. We have NEVER had a case where our customers credit card details have been compromised. In fact when you order on our website we do not even see your credit card number, it is encrypted and securely transmitted to our Bank (St George Bank)

Discounted Australian Phone Cards
Buy now. Limited Stocks left!

Chats Phonecard $5

Price: A$ 5.00
Sale price: A$ 4.25

A1 Phone Card $10

Price: A$ 10.00
Sale price: A$ 8.50

Home Phone Card $10

Price: A$ 10.00
Sale price: A$ 8.50

Fish Phone Card $10

Price: A$ 10.00
Sale price: A$ 8.50

Diamond Calling Card $50

Price: A$ 50.00
Sale price: A$ 42.50

Monster Minutes $30

Price: A$ 30.00
Sale price: A$ 27.00

Day to Day Phonecard $10

Price: A$ 10.00
Sale price: A$ 8.50

Lime Blue Phone Card $10

Price: A$ 10.00
Sale price: A$ 9.00

East Star Phone Card $20

Price: A$ 20.00
Sale price: A$ 18.00

Omega Phone Card $40

Price: A$ 40.00
Sale price: A$ 34.00

Smile Phone Card $10

Price: A$ 10.00
Sale price: A$ 9.00

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